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Welcome to my Art Gallery web page. Here you will find an assortment of some of my pictures and a couple of other things. The galleries are devided into 3 categories:

The old webpage was outdated, so I had to rebuild a new webpage from scratch. Both the design, the structure, the css- and the html-coding are now more "contemporary".

New is also the option for an Automatic translation of text and menus. You have now over 50 languages to choose from. I hope this will give those of you who are not so proficient in english a better experience when browsing through my new site.

It is not as accurate as manual translation, and slower (see the *Note* to the left), but I hope this option can be beneficial for many of you. For the best results, I have used short sentences and very "simplified" english.

Previously I manually translated everything to English, German and Norwegian, and it took me a lot of time. I thought "This will save me some work". Now I know that it was not the case. In the end it was actually much more work. But, for 50 extra languages, it is anyway acceptable. :-)

On some pages I have also added links to manual translation...english, german and norwegian. This because some parts, for example proverbs, made no sense at all in the automatic translation.

Additionally, the translation changes dramatically depending on minor things like for example a dot before or after a word, or the use of small or capital letters.

To return to the original text, just select English again (first language in the drop-down list).

Feel free to visit my Guestbook or to use the e-mail form to send me your comments and suggestions. It is appreciated.

Thanks and regards,