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  • Macro.1
    Here is an example of the relative size. As you can see, this spider is ca. 1 mm.
    The next two images takes a closer look at this guy.
  • Macro.2
    A big prey ! Found or caught ?
  • Macro.3
    With 1 mm: Is he small or big ? That is quite relative, don't you think ?
  • Macro.4
    Another example.
  • Macro.5
    Is the prey a flower-lice ? For those only ca. 0.5 mm big, this spider is huge !
  • Macro.6
    The fly on my finger..: "Finally a photographer. Please take a picture !"
  • Macro.7
    A different type.
  • Macro.8
    ...and another type...
  • Macro.9
    ...and yet another type. Next picture is a closer look.
  • Macro.10
    No contact lenses needed
  • Macro.11
    Same guy (or girl ?)...from a different angle. Next picture is a closer look.
  • Macro.12
    Large beautiful eyes with eyelashes. It has to be a girl !
  • Macro.13
    This small bumble bee was very busy...
  • Macro.14
    A butterfly
  • Macro.15
    Another butterfly
  • Macro.16
    A dragonfly
  • Macro.17
    "A lot of the dragonfly boys have fallen for my large green eyes !"
  • Macro.18
    Searching for nectar
  • Macro.19
    "Thanks for the delicious nectar. In return, I'll deliver your pollen !"
  • Macro.20
    This wasp was about 1 cm big...or small :-)
  • Macro.21
    ...a different type or just different gender ?...anyway, same size, ca. 1 cm
  • Macro.22
    This guy is different...and he loves strawberry !
  • Macro.23
    A warm summer day
  • Macro.24
    A closer look
  • Macro.25
    "...nectar is delicious !"
  • Macro.26
    The advantage of a long tongue !


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