Proverbs  ~
Words of wisdom ?

owl2 What is wisdom?

I guess the answer will depend on the person you ask, what he/she believes in, and his/her own understanding of what can be behind words or actions.

I was always facinated of proverbs and quotations. They can - often in a short but profound and wise way - say something about different aspects of life... that makes you think and ponder.

Sometimes they can also be a challenge to some of our existing ideas and beliefs. In my opinion, this is also necessary.

I leave it up to you to decide if these following words contain wisdom.

Today I may have wanted to rewrite some of them, but I have left them as they were originally when I first heard, read or wrote them. This because that is how they caught my attention and made me think, ponder or agree.

Since "the source" often was missing, or that I forgot to note it down, I apologize to the authors not mentioned.

Regarding automatic translation:
1. The automatic translation will often make no sense.
2. For manual translation, see info to the left (lightbulb 1).
3. If the proverbs are overlapping each other, see info under lightbulb 2.

To Learn is to remember what you already know.

To Act is to show that you know it.

To Teach is to remind others that they know just as much as you do.
Life is a mirror.
Change yourself, and the reflection will change.

Just because you
do not see it or feel it,
does not mean it does not exist.

Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is a mystery
Today is a gift -
that's why we call it - the present

Be aware of your thoughts, for they become your words.
Be aware of your words, for they become your actions.
Be aware of your actions, for they become your habits.
Be aware of your habits, for they form your personality.
Be aware of your personality, for it will be your destiny.


Give a man a fish,
and you feed him for a day.

Teach him how to fish,
and you feed him for a lifetime.


Either we are victims in an unfeeling, un-sensing, dumb, chaotic universe, where everything is the result of chance or accident,

– or, we are the masters of our fate. There is no in-between.

(Jane Roberts)
What the caterpillar call the end of the world, the Master call a butterfly.
Knowledge kills fear. (Emerson)
Never try to make others be like you. You know, and God knows, one of you is enough. (Emerson)
Don't be sad about farewells.
Farewells are necessary before you can meet again.
And, to meet again, after moments or lifetimes, is guaranteed those who are friends.

To forgive a child is to understand that it did not understand.
Have you ever seen the child in your enemy ?
Have you ever seen the child in yourself ?


Peace on earth starts with making peace with yourself.

We are all unique.
There is no need for competition or comparing.
It happens you reap what you forgot you sowed.
Common sense is to sow what you want to reap.
To give love could not be love,
unless it also was love
to receive it.
"An eye for an eye - until the whole world is blind…" (Gandhi)
The easiest questions can sometimes be the deepest ones, like :
  • Where do you come from ?
  • Where is your home ?
  • Where are you going ?
  • What are you doing ?
Consider these questions from time to time,
and see that your answers change.
To say yes to yourself is
- while waiting for appreciation from others
- to discover your own value.

If you do things
that makes you happy,
the world becomes happier.

The unforgivable...
isn't only the hardest to let go of,
it is also the heaviest to carry.
No one is reaching their goal by stopping up and arguing with others about the right way.
If you follow the old advice about forgiving and loving your enemy,
you cannot avoid at the same time to forgive and start loving yourself.
Then your enemy gets the value of a friend.
You don't know what you cannot, before you have tried.
To reduce your own suffering is a good way of reducing the suffering in the world.
If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you have to be satisfied with the ordinary.
Give me peace of mind to accept what I cannot change,
and courage to change what I can,
– and the wisdom to see the difference.

wise man
No one is gaining peace
by warring for it.

Whether you think you can or cannot, you are probably right.
Even if you are on the right way, you can still be run over if you just sit on it.
It is more popular to view oneself as a victim of circumstance, than the cause of it.
To have love is to love yourself.
To give love is to inspire others to love themselves.

If you do not like the place you are in, change it.
You are not a tree.


Misunderstood compassion is to "sacrifice" a piece of meat to a hungry – that later shows up to be a vegetarian.
Worrying is like a rocking chair.
It gives you something to do,
but it does not get you anywhere.
The human mind is like a parachute - it functions best when it is open.

The truly rich are those who enjoy what they have.

The one, who does not check closed doors, can be held prisoner in an unlocked room.

Forgiveness saves you the trouble of revenge.

Forgiveness is to let your burdens fall to the ground.
Grace is that they do not hit your toes.
Understanding is to realize there was nothing to forgive.
Argue for your limitations, and see, they are yours.

you can imagine
is real.

Better to light a candle
than to curse the darkness.

Love seems to be the only resource that does not decrease by being used.
Your only commitment in life is to be faithful to yourself.
To be faithful to anything else isn't only impossible,
but also the sign of a false messiah.
You do not go Home.
Home comes to you.

All persons, all your life's events,
are there because you have drawn them to you.
What you choose to do with them is up to you.

You need not take today's truths too seriously. Already tomorrow, there can be new ones.

You teach best what you most of all need to learn.

As a young boy,
I had a lot to learn.
Now remains more than ever.