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Yoga1What is Yoga ?Yoga2
In Sanskrit, the term 'yoga' stands for 'union'. A yogi's ultimate aim is to be able to attain this 'union' with the 'Eternal Self ' with the help of certain mental and physical exercises.

For me yoga is basically one good method of stretching the muscles and balancing the body.

Yoga is not a religion, does not require a great time commitment or to follow any special diet, and it can be practiced anywhere, anytime, indoors or outdoors.

The Sun Exercise
Here are some Yoga postures that can be performed as one continuous exercise. It is known under different names and with different variations, but I know it as the Sun-exercise.

These 12 postures is half a round. The second half is the same, only that you take the left foot back in posture 4., and left foot forward in posture 9.

On the first rounds, I always stretch very gently during the postures to avoid injury, and I hold each position for a time while breathing deeply. Feel what is right for your body. Start with a couple of rounds. Later you can add rounds and vary the speed.

After the exercise, it is good to lie flat on the back for a while.

When you feel comfortable with the exercise, you can add the breathing ( in / out ), and it should come naturally with the movements after a while. Have fun !

Yoga Sun Exercise 1

1 2 3 4 5 6
out in out in
(right foot back)
out keep breath out

Yoga Sun Exercise 2

7 8 9 10 11 12
in out in
(right foot forward)
out in out