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General Info

Switzerland, 2011

My name is Arnfinn Rølvåg, and I come from Mo i Rana, a town close to the polar circle in Norway. The interest of drawing and painting was always present, but I seldom took the time to experiment more with it until the last couple of years.


How I began painting with pastel colours

By the millennium I got a present from a friend; a set of pastel chalks. I have just resigned my job as a leader of a company with some 70 employees, and had to work three more months.

I made a couple of pictures, but I felt there were other things I had to solve before I could find the time to sit down with a "hobby".

One and a half year later, I was in Switzerland. I had accepted an invitation from some friends to make a longer visit. I had just sold my car, my house and all my belongings.

While I was planning my next step, I realized that I now had the time and opportunity to explore my pastels and to create some paintings...

Haleakala Crater,
Maui, Hawaii, 2011


Formulas and photography

Later I found a way to combine my interest for numbers and my interest for painting. That was the start of the Formulas-pictures.

In the later years, I also found time to explore another interest, namely photography.

In my galleries you can find examples of all of these types of pictures.


Making of...

If you want to read about the creation process of the different pictures, please visit the "Making of" -pages in the menu under Info, or click one of the links/pictures below.


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