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How the paintings are created

My creative time is often late evening and night. At this time I can relax in a different way... no phones, no visitors, etc. Sometimes I listen to music through earphones, but most pictures are created in silence.

palette.1 artist.1 Every picture is a process, and normally I have no idea of how it will end up looking. Some are done in one night, others take weeks before I feel they are finished.

Most of the pictures started with just adding colours on the paper/canvas, without anything specific in mind, turning the paper around, applying more colours, and then - like gazing at the clouds - see what shapes can be seen and worked further on.

I've also tried to paint in darkness, where I did not know what colours I was picking, or what shapes I ended up with. When I later turned on the light, I was often surprised.

At times it is difficult to find out when the picture is finished. I've often "ruined" the original, only to find new possibilities, and end up with something else.

Picture names

I've given the pictures just a number - instead of a name or title. This to let the viewer be free to interpret what it looks and feels like.

I've experienced that the same picture can be viewed or interpreted in many different ways by different people. Often in ways that I haven't seen or been aware of myself. And sometimes their "favourite ones", are the pictures I almost had threw away.

The numbers are "logically" applied in this way : If the original* picture was a A1 format, it is named  "Picture Nr. 1.xx". So, the first picture I made in the A1 format is named  "Picture Nr. 1.01". This applies to the other formats also; A2, A3, and A4. So, for example the 84th picture I made in the A2 format, is named  "Picture Nr. 2.84".

* See the left side for original sizes in cm and inches.


I normally don't take photos of the process, but here is one example of how it can start. I've turned them the same way so it is easier to see the progression :

2.83.1 - 2.83.2 - 2.83.3 - 2.83.4
1spacer_image 2spacer_image 3spacer_image 4
(Picture Nr. 2.83)

A few pictures were made after I've had a "topic" in mind. For example, one day I was pondering about how to express "Balance" - the balance of light and dark, masculine and feminine, beginning and end, in and out. Although it was present in different ways in other paintings I've made, I wondered if I could be more clear.

The idea of a weight popped into my mind, and I thought that would be a good start. When I later in the evening began to paint, it became clear to me that I did not know how a weight looked like. Never mind, I thought. I just start and see what happens, as usual.

After two nights I had these two pictures.

2.83.1 - 2.83.2
Nr. 2.34 spacer_imageNr. 2.37


One day I felt I had to finish a picture I've been struggling with for weeks. I've tried to work on it at several occasions, but it always ended up being put aside. Maybe it was one for the wastepaper basket ?

Since I this day was home alone and had finished what I "had to do", I felt I would make an exception and work some hours during the daytime with this picture.

This time it was going easier, and I was just finished and about to sign it, when my cell phone was ringing.
It was my mother who was calling me from Norway.

She was at the hospital and told me that my father died just a minute ago.

Nr. 2.54


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